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Live Teleseminars with Chung Fu 2019

Including Q & A

Live Calls 2019

Saturday 5th Jan - 8pm

Saturday 2nd Feb - 8pm

Saturday 2nd March - 8pm

Saturday 6th April - 9pm

Saturday 4th May - 9pm

Saturday 15th June - 9pm

Saturday 13th July - 9pm

Saturday 10th August - 9pm

Saturday 21st Sep - 9pm

Saturday 26th October - 9pm

Saturday 16th Nov - 8pm

Sunday 22nd Dec - 8pm

Please join us for these Live International calls where Chung Fu comes in to talk to us about the ‘Rising Light of Global Consciousness’.

You can connect from anywhere in the World - either by phone, Skype or Online...


  • teachings from Chung Fu – a spirit guide channelled by Sally Pullinger
  • guided journey to connect with your higher self
  • LOVE brought directly to you through this transmission

During these powerful transmissions Chung Fu will share teachings and lovingly guide you on a deep inner Soul journey of self discovery and self transformation to own, love and integrate your shadow and become your authentic empowered self.

Do you long to live from your heart more of the time?

Lapse into negative thoughts and beliefs too easily – no matter how many affirmations you say?

Find yourself losing your connection to Spirit more than you would like?

Need regular support to help you anchor your connection with your higher self and soul into more of your daily life?

Seek transmissions of empowerment which are both truthful and uplifting?

Want to connect deeply with other beautifull souls who are genuinely seeking to bring their best to this World at this time?

Chung Fu is an ascended being who has been bringing his teachings through to humanity for at least the last 50 years.

During this talk, Chung Fu and the many Beings of Light who are gathering at this time invite you to come and receive a message of hope and real understanding as to how to come back into your full Divine power as a human being, and literally be able to change yourself and your environment.

Within the teachings of Chung Fu, there is as much wisdom in the ‘dark’ as in the ‘light’. Chung Fu brings us a message of constant hope and positive potential. Within this hope and positivity he entirely embraces the despair and negativity that manifests within the duality of our human consciousness, teaching us how to love each other and ourselves with an ever more compassionate and inclusive embrace.

The tools that Chung Fu is offering you in this work support you to expand your Light body enabling you to carry and radiate these new energies in order to manifest the many needed changes. This work is not for the faint-hearted and is grounded in emotional literacy and opening, including shadow work, and integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of our being. Fundamentally it is about learning to Fully Love ourselves – unconditionally!

As enough of us do this clearly the world changes with us.

These calls will help you to integrate these teachings on a deeper level for your life and spiritual path. There will also be time for questions and answers at the end of the call.

Please join us - Lets make this a Global Link Up!

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